Hiro Academy is located in the center of Fukuoka City, which has known as a Japanese language school that supports the advancement to top-class universities in Japan.
Our academy provides excellent Japanese language teachers and English teachers who have accumulated abundant educational practices, and offers the highest level of Japanese language and culture classes for students.

General information

Location Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Jōnan-ku Beppu 2 - 13 - 29
Admission period April ・October

List of universities/technical school


Kyushu University / Kyushu Sangyo University


School features

About school



Calligraphy experience


Class scene


Main entrance




public health station


Year-round Event

Tuition fee

About each course

Course Name Admission period Duration Course content
A course April 2 years Going on to higher education, employment guidance
B course April 1 year Going on to higher education, guidance for specific skill tests
C course October 1 year and 6 months Going on to higher education, guidance for specific skill tests

First year tuition details

Enrollment fee 50,000 yen
Examination fee 30,000 yen
Tuition 600,000 yen
Teaching material fee / facility management fee 60,000 yen
Extracurricular activity costs 20,000 yen
Insurance fee 20,000 yen
Health check fee 10,000 yen
Total 790,000 yen

Next year tuition (A course)

Tuition 600,000 yen
Extracurricular activity costs 10,000 yen
Teaching material fee / facility management fee 30,000 yen
Insurance fee 10,000 yen
Total 650,000 yen

Next year tuition (C course)

Tuition 300,000 yen
Extracurricular activity costs 10,000 yen
Teaching material fee / facility management fee 30,000 yen
Insurance fee 10,000 yen
Total 350,000 yen

EJU Guidance Fee (1 year)

EJU Science Courses (Number II, Chemistry, Physics, Biology) 500,000 yen

Notices about tuition fees

* Guidance for EJU documents is free of charge.
* Guidance on specific skill tests (Tokuteigino) is free of charge.

About admission

Process of study abroad visa application

Interview from Hiro Academy

Issuance of admission permit

Documents preparation / examination

Announcement of status of residence of Immigration Bureau

Apply for a visa at the Japanese Consulate in your home country


Admission requirements

"① Applicant who have been educated for 12 years or more in their home country, or those who have received equivalent education
② Applicant who have graduated from the final academic background school within 5 years (Student who have a solid reason and have a strong desire to study may be allowed exceptions)
③ Applicant who have been educated for more than 150 hours at a Japanese language school in their home country or Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 equivalent Japanese Language Proficiency Test Results
④ Applicant in good health condition
⑤ Applicant who have the financial strength to cover the cost of studying abroad
⑥ Applicant who have taken the examination and interview conducted by Hiro Academy
⑦ Applicant who have a strong desire to study in Japan
⑧ Applicant who have a clear purpose for going on to a higher education institution in Japan
⑨ The student who reapplies submits all copies of the previous application documents and the specific reason for non-issuance. We will examine them to determine if you are eligible to apply."

Teachers/students' opinion

"My purpose of coming to Japan at first was to learn Japanese.
However, since I met the teachers at Hiro Academy, I have set further goals for my future. The experience of studying Japanese at Hiro is very easy to understand and interesting. Moreover, in Hiro Academy, I was taught to be a student who have the dream to see how wonderful the world is. Now, in order to make my dream come true, I am working hard with my teachers and friends to go higher education in Japan.
( a story shared by a Chinese female student)."

"I am principle of Hiro Academy. I strongly believe that the passion for education is one of the key strengths of Hiro Academy.I think the best thing about Hiro Academy are pasionate teachers since they always put the students first. Although Japanese is difficult, the lesson from school is very easy-to-understand and interesting. Moreover, the school also supports student with part-time job such as: introduce and negotiate with student. There is no doubt that part time job will improve your Japanese naturally.By all means, I would like to reccomend every student to come to Hiro in order to find their dreams.
(a story shared by a Vietnamese male)"

About dormitory

Fully equipped student dormitory

An exprience of first timeliving in Japan with roomate.

Bilingual teacher in charge of life support

Guidance and advice from many kindly staff to against the anxiety and worries in everyday life.

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