ASAHI Culture Academy

ASAHI Culture Academy

ASAHI Bunka Gakuin aims to gather human resources from all over the world in order to promote the globalization of Japan, and to develop not only Japanese language education but also global human resources who understand Japanese culture and can play an active role in the world in the future.

General information

Name ASAHI Culture Academy
Location Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture Nakagawa-ku, Sanno 3-10-9
Admission period April ・October
capacity 150 people

List of universities/technical school


Aichi University of Education, Meijo University, Nanzan University, Nagoya University of Economics, Seijoh University, Suzuka University, Aichi Sangyo University

College/ Vocational school

Central Japan Automobile Junior College, Nissan Automobile College, Shizuoka Professional College of Technology, Aichi Business College, International Tourism College, Japan Designer Arts Academy, Japan Alps International Academy, Nagoya Business Accounting College, Kobe International Business College, Naganohei Seigakuen, Yokkaichi Information Foreign Language College, Asahikawa Welfare College, Nagoya Future Technical College, Toa Accounting College, ELIC College, Aria Review College, Yumanitec Life Design College, Yumanitec Cooking and Confectionery College, Hospitality College , Columbia Fashion College

Finding employment result

Umajirushi Co., Ltd., Meiyu Sansho Co., Ltd., Shinano Kogyo Co., Ltd., Sanko Seiki Co., Ltd., Shisei Co., Ltd., etc.


School features

Various cultural experiences

Excursion to Kyoto


Calligraphy Experience


Commemorative Photo with Sumo Wrestler


Educational tour of automobile technical school


"At ASAHI Bunka Gakuin, the staff creat an homely atmosphere, which will firmly support your daily life.
In addition, as a Japanese culture experience, you will also experience wearing kimono, tea ceremony, flower arrangment art, and watching Kabuki. In addition, we also participate in local exchange events in collaboration with Aichi's public institutions, and interact with companies by visiting various factories and companies, including automobile factories."

Tuition fee

2years course

Classification First year Next year
Entrance fee 50,000 yen -
Tuition fee 600,000 yen 600,000 yen
Study materials 33,000 yen 33,000 yen
Extracurricular activity 22,000 yen 22,000 yen
Health checkup 11,000 yen -
Total 716,000 yen 655,000 yen

1 year 6 months course

Classification First year Next year
Entrance fee 50,000 yen -
Tuition fee 600,000 yen 300,000 yen
Study materials 33,000 yen 33,000 yen
Extracurricular activity 22,000 yen 22,000 yen
Health checkup 11,000 yen -
Total 716,000 yen 355,000 yen

Notices about tuition fees

"* Total amount do not include residential insurance, which need to be paid separately.
* Please note that once paid, the cost cannot be refunded in principle. However, only if you cannot enter the country due to an international dispute, disaster, etc., we will refund the expenses excluding the entrance examination fee and entrance fee after the prescribed procedure."

About admission

Processs until admission

1. Request for application documents

2. Submit the prescribed documents by the deadline

3. Document review, interview, or essay

4. Issuance of admission permit ( collect at the original school)

5. Examination fee 25,000 yen transfered to the academy

6. The academy applies visa to the Immigration Bureau of Japan for student

7. Announcement of examination results and issuance of "Certificate of Status of Residence"

8. Payment of tuition fees prescribed by the academy. Sending "Certificate of Eligibility" and "Admission Certificate" to the applicant

9. Applicant applies for a "study abroad" visa to the local Japanese consulate

10. (Apply in advance for Japanese residences and student dormitories)

11. Enter Japan and receive a residence card at the time of entry

12. Admission ceremony

Admission requirements

In order to apply for admission to our school, all of the following conditions must be aprroved
1) Applicant who have completed or are expected to complete a course of 12 years or more in school education. In addition, applicant who have completed high school or who are recognized by our school as having equivalent academic ability.
2) Those who have a solid purpose of study and have no difficulty in paying tuition fees; An applicant who has a reliable guarantor.
3) Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 (JLPT), Practical Japanese Test F (J-TEST), Japanese NAT-TEST 5th and equivalent abilities. An applicant who has more than 150 hours of learning Japanese experience.

About dormitory

(Example) Sanno Dormitory

Description The dormitory is located within a 1km walk of the academy, in a friendly residential area and close to the train station. All dormitories are equipped with air conditioning, bathrooms and showers are free to use, providing a comfortable and clean space.
Dormitory fee Room charges vary depending on the student dormitory. The standard room charge is as following:.
15,000 yen to 28,000 yen per person / month (2 to 4 people per room, utility fees not included)
* Before moving into the dormitory, please pay the dormitory fee ( for half year) and the deposit together with the tuition fee for one year.
* If there is no damage to the room or equipment, the deposit will be returned when you leave the dormitory.
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About part-time job

Reference image of part-time job.

A part-time job in Japan is an opportunity to gain new experiences that you can't learn at school, such as encounters with culture and work experience. One week within 28 hours of part time job is approved as a qualification outside activities.
The academy publish various part-time job information recommended for students as well as introduce and support job application process.