"""Hanasaku Language School"" is a new school located in Omiya Ward, Saitama City near Tokyo.
Our philosophy is ""the principle that everyone learns"" which aims to ""learn"" and ""grow"" not only students but also lecturer and staff."

General information

Location Saitama, Saitama city, Omiya district, Amanumacho 2-282-1
Admission period April・October
capacity 100 people
Admission rate 100%

School features

"Hanasaku School Life" to experience Japanese culture

Tanabata experience


Extracurricular activities (Yokohama)


At Hanasaku Japanese Language School, student not only learn Japanese throughout the year, but also experience seasonal events and culture in Japan. In the spring, we organize many extracurricular lessons to see and experience the culture; in the summer we hold sports competitions and summer parties. Furthermore, student can experience the unique culture of Japan even in autumn and winter. Hanasaku is a Japanese language school where you can not only study but also immerse yourself in Japan culture.

Various life support

Life consultant

"We regularly hold rules and etiquette courses related to life in Japan.
In addition, if you have any problem that related to personal life, the department in charge of life guidance will give you counseling."

Part time job guidance

"A stable learning environment is required to study Japanese properly.
We believe that part-time job as an economic foundation is significant to improve your living standard as well as maintaining a good learning environment.
Therefore, we will provide personalized support such as searching for a part-time job and applying procedures."

Career consultant

Considering the orientation after graduation, we will advise on the path after graduation from the beginning of admission. In addition, if the student has already registered for higher education degree and selected, then school will support student with the relevant procedures and documents.

Tuition fee


Classification Admission period End of admission period Total
Comprehensive Japanese 1 year 6 months course October 1 year 6 months 1,070,000 JPY
Short-term abroad study course If necessary 1 month 80,000 JPY
Comprehensive Japanese 2 years course April 2 years 1,370,000 JPY

Comprehensive Japanese 2 years course

Classification First year Next year
Enrollment examination fee 20,000JPY -
Enrollment 50,000JPY -
Facilities cost 50,000JPY 50,000JPY
Tuition fee 600,000JPY 600,000JPY
Total 720,000JPY 650,000JPY

Comprehensive Japanese 1 year 6 months course

Classification First year Next year
Enrollment examination fee 20,000JPY -
Enrollment 50,000JPY -
Facilities cost 50,000JPY 50,000JPY
Tuition fee 600,000JPY 300,000JPY
Total 720,000JPY 350,000JPY

Notices about tuition fees

The above tuition fee includes insurance, extracurricular activities, teaching materials. Student dormitory fees are not included.


School Principal's Award

Requirement Students with excellent grades and become a model lifestyle for other students.
Scholarship amount 50,000 JPY
Remarks Rewards will be given at the end of the course.

Full attendance award

Requirement Students who have submitted all their homework, etc. without taking any absent for 3 months.
Scholarship amount 3,000 JPY
Remarks Provided every 3 months

Reward for passing JLPT test

N1 50,000 JPY
N2 30,000 JPY
N3 10,000 JPY
Remarks Applicable to those who passed while attending school

About dormitory

The dormitory is located in a quiet residential area, students can walk from the dormitory to the school. The dormitory is surrounded by many commercial establishments creating a very convenient environment. In addition, teacher and staff will visit the dormitory regularly to support a safe and secure student life.

About dormitory

The dormitory price is about 25,000 yen (double room/month).
The cost of electricity, water, and gas will be paid by the student.

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