Human Academy Japanese Language School

Human Academy Japanese Language School

"""Human Academy Japanese Language School has produced thousands of graduates into the society since the establishment of Osaka School in 1987 and Tokyo School in 1991. Through our extensive counselling experience, we have been able to help each of our students with their ""selfing"" and their ""future"". Learning Japanese is not your goal, but it can be a tool for a bright new future. It is our mission to use the skills we have acquired to help you find and build your future together. For this reason, our school strives to develop lessons that are easy to understand and do not bore the students.
Now, with us, you can go 'beyond' the Japanese language..."""

General information

Name Human Academy Japanese Language School
Location 4-9-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, 13:00 Hall 5F
Admission period April/ July/ October/ January

List of universities/technical school

Graduate Schools

University of Tokyo / Kyoto University / Tokyo Gakugei University / Osaka City University / Osaka University / Osaka University of Arts / Osaka Prefecture University / Ochanomizu University / Otemon University / Kansai University / Kobe University / University of Shizuoka Prefecture / Waseda University / Kokushikan University / Tokyo Metropolitan University / Tokyo Metropolitan University / Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology / Musashino Institute of Technology / Musashino Art University / Ritsumeikan University Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Musashino Institute of Technology, Musashino Art University, Ritsumeikan University, Rikkyo University, Yokohama City University, Reitaku University, Wako University, University of Yamanashi, Mie University, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Wakayama University, Okayama University, University of Shiga Prefecture, Takarazuka University of Art and Design, Momoyama Gakuin University, Baika Women's University, Meisei University, Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences


Waseda University / Rikkyo University / Aoyama Gakuin University / Meiji University / Hosei University / Nihon University / Kokugakuin University / Yokohama City University / Ochanomizu University / Japan Women's University / Asia University / Musashino Academia Musicae / Showa University of Music / J. F. Oberlin University / Teikyo University / Kokushikan University / Hannan University / Ritsumeikan University / Doshisha University / Kwansei Gakuin University / Osaka City University Kwansei Gakuin University / Osaka City University / Pool College / Osaka University of Arts / Kansai University / Kyoto University of Foreign Studies / Kinki University / Kyoto Seika University / Hokkaido University of Education / Tezukayama University / Aichi University / Otemae University / Osaka Seikei University / Osaka University of Tourism / Kyoto Sangyo University / Ryukoku University / Osaka Sangyo University / Momoyama Gakuin University / Hagoromo International University / Osaka University of Economics / Osaka International University / Otemon University / Himeji Dokkyo University

Vocational School

Osaka Biomedical College/"Bunka Fashion College/Tokyo Mode Gakuen/Shinjuku Culinary Institute/Hattori Nutrition College/Yamano College of Aesthetics/Japan Electronics College/Tokyo Confectionery School/Nihon Kogakuin/Tokyo Announcing College/Tokyo College of Tourism/Tokyo Foreign Language College/Tsuji Culinary Institute/Toho Gakuen/Osaka Beauty Osaka School of Music / Osaka Mode Gakuen / Osaka College of Technology / Japan Electronics College / HAL Osaka / Shiseido College of Aesthetic Technology / Japan Computer College

Finding employment result

Ltd./Kinki Nippon Tourist Co Ltd/ Ikemura Shokai Co Ltd/Tokyo Forex Financial Co Ltd/Topac Co Ltd/Kyoritsu Maintenance Co Ltd/Ain Foodstuffs Co Ltd/Tianjin Shuman Human Resource Education and Consulting Co Ltd/Human Resources Co Ltd and many others


School features

The results of going on to higher education and employment after graduation



"""Human Academy Japanese Language School"" actively supports students to enter graduate schools, universities and vocational schools. In addition to school introduction and Japanese language guidance, we offer guidance based on each student's ""life plan"", such as interview courses, briefing sessions for going on to higher education, workshops for going on to higher education by graduates, and personal interviews for going on to higher education.
After students have mastered the Japanese language, we also support to find a job through our human resources department ""Human Resources"" and ""Daijob"".
student can feel free to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about finding a job.""

A large number of students pass the JLPT every year


"""What Human Academy Japanese Language School mainly does is to support international students who are going to enter Japanese universities.
We provide easy-to-understand lessons and detailed communication, and many students pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test every year, and many of our graduates go on to study at famous public and private universities in Japan.
We also provide Japanese language education as corporate training at the same time, which has been highly evaluated by various companies."""

Study in Tokyo, one of Japan's most cosmopolitan cities

"Tokyo is the political, economic and cultural centre of Japan, attracting a large number of people and logistics from home and abroad. This huge metropolitan area is made up of many unique districts such as Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. Our school is located in one of these areas, Takadanobaba. Our school is located in Takadanobaba, one of these areas, which is close to the station and has many shops, making school life very convenient.
Tokyo is one of Japan's leading educational centres, with over 250 universities and colleges in the surrounding cities. It is also home to more than 250,000 companies, including many foreign companies. In other words, studying in Tokyo will give you a future that will lead to higher education and employment.

Double School with Sougou Gakuen

In the vicinity of the school there is a group school, the Human Academy. If you wish, you can also learn about the latest Japanese culture, such as fashion, hair and make-up, manga, etc.

Study in one of Japan's leading student districts

The area around Takadanobaba is widely known as a student town, with its many universities and vocational schools. Nearby are Harajuku, Shibuya and Ikebukuro, where the latest Asian culture awaits you.

Helping you find a job after graduation, a group company, provides job information mainly for foreign companies. After graduating from Japanese language school, you can also take part in the career fairs that take place in Tokyo several times a year!

Tuition fee

First year (all courses)

Registration Fee22,000yen
Admission Fee66,000yen
Tuition Fee649,000yen
Other Expenses55,000yen
Textbook Fee33,000yen

Next year 

 2 years course1 year 9 months course1 year 6 months course1 year 3 months course
Tuition Fee649,000yen486,750yen324,500yen162,250yen
Other Expenses55,000yen41,250yen27,500yen13,750yen
Textbook Fee33,000yen24,750yen16,500yen8,250yen

Notices about tuition fees

"""Document Screening Fee"" is not a fee for application. It is non-refundable, even if the application is withdrawn. It is not refundable even if the application is withdrawn. The same applies if the application is rejected by the Immigration Bureau.
All prices include tax.
In addition, there is a textbook fee (actual cost), insurance fee, and medical examination fee.
In the event that the student is unable to enroll in the school, the student will be required to pay a tuition fee. In the event that admission to the school is not possible, we will follow the procedures prescribed by the school (including refunds)."""

Teachers/students' opinion

There are many big Japanese language schools in Tokyo and it was not easy to find a good school. Just at that time, my friend introduced me to Human Academy Japanese Language School. The teachers are very enthusiastic and supportive for the students. My classmates come from all over the world and we enjoy our school life in a cheerful atmosphere. My goal is to be in charge of trade between Italy and Japan. To achieve this, I enrolled in the "Practical Japanese Course". From the beginner's level, we do group work and presentations, which helped me to gain confidence in speaking and to improve my conversation skills. I am looking forward to studying business Japanese at the intermediate level.

"I love Japanese films and since I have been in Germany I have been enjoying myself by trying to subtitle and translate them in English and German. Eventually I realised that the Japanese language is very interesting and beautiful. So I came to Japan to study Japanese. The most important thing that I have improved since I came to Human Academy Japanese Language School is ""conversation""! I had a lot of opportunities to present my work in class, to talk about my assignments in group work, and to use the grammar I studied that day. I have a lot of opportunities to give presentations in class, to do group work on assignments and to use the grammar I have learnt that day.
In our class, we have friends from many different countries, such as Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Mexican, Chinese, Romanian, Singaporean, Taiwanese, etc. It is very nice to know not only about Japan but also about many other countries.
The teachers and the office staff care about the students, and the whole school has a very warm atmosphere. That's why I enjoy coming to school very much. I will do my best until I can improve my Japanese more and more."

"I became interested in the Japanese language when I made a Japanese friend, and gradually my desire to study in Japan became stronger. Later, when I came to Japan on a trip, I got to know about the Japanese language school through a friend who had attended the Human Academy Japanese Language Teacher Training Course. The school was located in the centre of Tokyo, so it was easy to get to, and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming, so I had a very good first impression and decided to enroll straight away.
When I first came to the school, not only could I not speak at all, I couldn't even write hiragana, but now I can speak Japanese naturally, and I am very happy when people sometimes surprise me that I am a foreigner.
In order to be able to speak what you want in a foreign language in a short period of time, I think it is not only important to work hard but also to have a good environment. The teachers at Human not only taught me Japanese with passion, but also helped me with various problems and difficulties in living in Japan, and I learned a lot of things that I cannot learn from textbooks. I will use what I have learnt at this school to support my mind and continue to work hard."

" I came to Japan because I wanted to be an engineer in the future, and Japan is one of the best countries in the world in the field of robotics and product development. I wanted to enter a university in this country.
Japanese language is very difficult, but the teachers at Human Academy have a very detailed way of teaching, so I can learn any difficult words very easily and enjoy studying.
Thanks to the teachers, my overall level of Japanese has improved a lot. It is very difficult to study Japanese while working part-time, but I think it is a good challenge for my growth. Although I am living in Japan alone, I don't feel lonely at all because all the teachers and office staffs are kind and I am living in a blessed environment of school. I will continue to enjoy studying Japanese with the teachers of Human Academy Japanese Language School, and I will try my best to study for higher education."""

The reason why I thought of studying in Japan is because Japan is one of the countries with developed industrial technology, and I wanted to study Japanese in Japan and go on to higher education in Japan to learn more about technology. At Human Academy Japanese Language School, many teachers helped me a lot and I really appreciate them from the bottom of my heart. I am learning not only Japanese language but also about my career, Japanese culture and how to get along with people from different cultures. I feel that my insight is expanding. I would like to continue to study Japanese and enjoy Japanese culture, especially festivals, folk events and the four seasons in Japan. In the future, I would like to find a job in Japan.

"I am now a first year student of the Department of Literature and Japanese Literature at Ritsumeikan University. I am a little nostalgic when I remember what I learned at the Human Academy Japanese Language School. I think I was able to have a fun and meaningful study abroad experience because of the social events and extracurricular activities. If I had any problems, the teachers were always very kind and helpful. Not only did they teach us Japanese, but they also made sure to communicate with the students. In some cases, they treated me as a friend. My Japanese language skills improved a lot during my studies at the Japanese Language School of the Human Academy, and I also developed a desire to experience Japanese literature. With this passion, I entered the university to study Japanese literature and culture. I would like to continue my studies and hopefully work as a translator between Japanese and Chinese in the future.
Looking back, I am very happy to have met the teachers of Human Academy. I am very happy that I could learn Japanese under the guidance of the teachers. The memories of my life at the Japanese Language School will remain in my heart as an important page in my life!"

"At the Human Academy Japanese Language School, we learn not only Japanese language, but also Japanese life and culture, especially in the Japanese culture experience classes, where we can learn things that are not easy to learn even in Japan.
One of these classes is the postrecording class at the Human Academy's Animation College. I was able to experience how animation voice actors actually work, and I was able to practice pronouncing beautiful Japanese, so it was fresh and I learned a lot."