"The name "Minsai" expresses our desire to nurture international people who can play an active role on a global scale and contribute to world peace through the education of Japanese language and culture, valuing people-to-people exchanges.

Students of various nationalities are enrolled in the university, and while studying Japanese language and culture, students can enjoy international exchange with a wide variety of students and make invaluable friends in the intercultural world.
The teaching staff organise the curriculum to meet the demands of the times and pass on their expertise gained from a variety of experiences and learning to enhance students' motivation and ability to learn. In addition, Kyoto, where our school is located, is called the ancient capital of Japan as well as the city of culture or the city of universities;the city of advanced technology in the world. In front of the Tenjingawa school building there is the Tenjin River, where students can study while looking at the rows of cherry blossom trees.

Our graduates are active in a wide range of fields and in many different countries, and we are very excited to see their individual growth in the future. I hope that all the teachers, staff and students will set high goals, challenge everything, never give up until the end, and grow up to be international people who embody the concept of "interculturalism".

Masamichi Yamamoto, Principal

General information

Location Kyoto Minzoku Building, 69 Kitaoiri-cho, Nishikyogoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615-0881, Japan
Admission period April, July, October and January

List of universities/technical school

Graduate Schools

Waseda University, Doshisha University, Ritsumeikan University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Rikkyo University, Okayama University, Osaka City University, Otaru University of Commerce, University of Hyogo, University of Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto Koka Women's University...etc.

Vocational schools

ECC International College of Foreign Languages, Yale Gakuen, Osaka YMCA International College, Kyoto Computer Gakuin, Kyoto College of Foreign Languages, YIC Kyoto Institute of Technology, Ohara College of Bookkeeping and Law...etc.


Trading company, manufacturer, IT, construction, tourism...etc.


School features

A unique cultural experience in Kyoto

Kyoto is a city with over 1200 years of history and many old buildings.
It has one of the largest numbers of shrines and temples in Japan as well as a popular tourist destination for both Japanese and international visitors.
Most of the famous tourist attractions can be reached by train from Kyoto International Japanese Language School in 30-40 minutes.
Our school organizes visiting famous tourist attractions as part of our cultural training.



Full support for further education and employment

In the 4th and 5th sessions on Fridays, intermediate and advanced students can choose to take one of the following courses.
Students can choose to take one of the following courses in the fourth or fifth session on Fridays, giving them the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in the course of their choice.


Tuition fee

First year tuition fees

Selection fee 33,000 yen
Entrance fee 55,000 yen
Tuition 686,400 yen
Facilities fee 26,400 yen
Materials fee 18,300 yen
JLPT examination fee (2 times) 13,000 yen
National Health Insurance 18,000 yen
International student insurance 10,000 yen
Total 860,100 yen

Tuition fees for the second year

 April semesterJuly studentsOctober semesterJanuary student
Tuition686,400 yen514,800 yen343,200 yen171,600 yen
Facilities fee26,400 yen19,800 yen13,200 yen6,600 yen
Materials fee18,300 yen13,725 yen9,150 yen4,575 yen
National Health Insurance18,000 yen13,500 yen9,000 yen4,500 yen
International student insurance10,000 yen8,600 yen7,900 yen5,400 yen
Total759,100 yen570,425 yen382,450 yen192,675 yen

Other fees

Shuttle bus from the airport to the schoolFrom 4,200 yen
Stamp fee700 yen
Bicycle8,000 yen
SIM card (from 3G)From 3,000 yen per month

Notices about tuition fees

Tax is included in tuition fees for the first year and the second year of study.


Kyoto Minzoku Japanese Language School Sponsorship Scholarship

Payment period 1 year
Payment amount 20,000 yen per month
Number of students 1~2 people (may be increased in the future)
Eligibility International students after 6 months of enrollment

Kyoto Minzoku Japanese Language School Scholarship

Payment period 6 months
Payment amount 10,000 yen to 15,000 yen per month
Number of students 1 to 4 persons
Eligibility International students after 6 months of enrollment

Kanda Shizuka Scholarship

Payment period 3 months tuition fee waiver
Amount paid Equivalent to 150,000 yen
Number of students 1 person per term (4 persons per year)
Eligibility International students after 6 months of enrollment

Teachers/students' opinion

[Hanife Kenesari] from Turkey

At Kyoto International Japanese Language School, I was able to improve my Japanese really fast because I was able to enjoy studying with my friends and compete with them.
Also, the teachers and senior students help me with difficult things in my life, so don't worry!
Please feel free to come here.

[Selective Course] Long Term General Course
[After graduation] I am now back in Istanbul and working.

Yoko Endo from Mexico

Kyoto is a place where Japanese traditions and cultures are still preserved today and I was hoping to study in a city like Kyoto, rather than in a big city, because of its rich culture and academic enviornment.
At Kyoto Minsai, I could experience a lot of Japanese cultures. It was really fun and has become a good memory.
●Good points of Kyoto Minsai
At Kyoto Minsai, I joined the tea ceremony club as a part of cultural activities and learned the way of Sencha (green tea) for one year. Japanese traditional cultures are still cherished in Kyoto. I really think it was a wonderful experience not only to learn Japanese but also attend culture classes throughout a year in this city.
●Advice for those who wish to study in Japan
Let’s follow the manners of Japan. Studying the fundamentals of Japanese before coming to Japan will make your Japanese study at Minsai more smooth!

[Selected course] Long-term General course
[After graduation] I started to work in Japan

Meril from Germany

●Good points of Kyoto Minsai
The staff very kindly helped me when I had troubles, and the classes were really a lot of fun!
●Advice for those who wish to study in Japan
Studying Japanese is challenging, but it comes with enjoyment. If you study the essentials of Japanese before coming to Japan, you will be able to learn more deeply!

Selected course General course

About dormitory

Private Apartment

Rent: 42,000 yen per month
Transportation: 1 minute walk from school
Entrance fee: 50,000 yen
Facilities electricity: extra charge (all electric)
     Water and internet: included in the rent
     (There is no WiFi router)
With auto lock.

Reference image Reference image

Share room

Rent: 29,000 yen per person per month

If you would like to share a room, please feel free to contact us to make arrangements according to your budget and the number of students.

There are many more dorms available.
If you would like to know more about other dorms, please ask the Messanger.