Numazu Japan Language College

Numazu Japan Language College

Numazu Japanese Language School is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, in the middle of Japan.
Since its opening, the school has welcomed students from 15 different countries and regions.
They have gone on to study at universities, graduate schools and vocational schools in Japan, and have found employment in local companies and Japanese companies in their home countries. Moreover,our students are very active in their respective fields.
In addition, our educational activities have three main features to connect with the local community while staying close to our students.
The first is the development of the students' ability to communicate, think and discuss their thoughts and feelings in Japanese and to connect with others and society.
Secondly, the school is a caring school" that supports students in various aspects of their life in Japan and provides them with detailed guidance. .The third is to provide students with an integrated education in business, tourism, computers, etc. by connecting of the group's strength in Shizuoka University of Science and Technology and vocational schools.
In addition, we have established a course for training Japanese language teachers and a research institute for Japanese language education in our school building, and while further deepening cooperation with the government, companies and educational institutions. Our goal is to creating a new symbiotic society and training people who can contribute to the local community and the world."

General information

Name Numazu Japan Language College
Location 17-1 Saijo-cho, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Admission period April & October
capacity 150 students

School features

Annual schedule


You must understand Japanese life and culture if you want to learn Japanese language more deeply. Various activities and events are provided throughout the year so that you can learn and understand Japanese culture with fun.

Advantageous school fees


If you wish to enroll one of our group schools, you will be exempt from the selection fee and the entrance fee.

Advantageous entering and employment

After graduation, you can go to the university and vocational schools of our group like SIST. There is a recommendation system for entry.

Advantageous living expenses

This is the living environment that Shizuoka Prefecture offers.

In Tokyo, rent of apartment will take about 70,000yen per month, but rent of furnished apartment cooperating with HJLC is 17,100 yen.
In addition, life consultant is always staying at the school.

Outline of Incorporated Educational Group: Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology

Our institute has been striving for developing school education under the Spirit of Foundation called, “Contributing to the regional community by nurturing technical expertise” since it was established in 1940 (Showa 15). Based on our “Comprehensive Strength” with a total of 12 schools, including 1 university, 5 professional training colleges, 2 junior and 2 senior high schools, and 2 Japanese language schools, we will firmly grasp the diversifying needs of learning and meet those expectations with high-quality education.
By figuring out the rapid changes of society calmly and realizing the diversifying education with making the most of our “Comprehensive Strength”, we will make the future society bright and exciting even in 10 years from now on. Educational Group, Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology will contribute to create the exciting future.

Tuition fee

School fees

 First YearSecond Year
All CourseApril Admission CourseOctober Admission Course
Entrance Formalities Fee100,000yen00
Entrance Exam Fee22,000yen00
Tuition Fee600,000yen600,000yen300,000yen
Textbooks & Materials50,260yen 50,260yen 25,130yen
Japanese school student accident compensation system15,740yen 15,740yen 7,870yen
Total788,000yen 666,000yen 333,000yen


 First Year ※1〜4Second Year ※1〜4
All CourseApril Admission CourseOctober Admission Course
Four Persons Room 20,000yen/Month240,000yen240,000yen 120,000yen
Three Persons Room 22,000yen/Month264,000yen 264,000yen 132,000yen
Two Persons Room 25,500yen/Month306,000yen 306,000yen153,000yen
One Person Room 47,000yen/Month564,000yen 564,000yen 282,000yen
Comprehensive Compensation For International Student Housing (For One Year)4,000yen 4,000yen 2,000yen
OFUTON (Bedding) Fee12,000yen00
Cleaning Fee When Leaving25,000yen00
Total281,000yen ~605,000yen244,000yen ~568,000yen 122,000yen ~284,000yen

School fees + apartment

Total Annually1,069,000yen~1,393,000yen

Notices about tuition fees

1] The apartment is equipped with a light fitting, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a desk and a chair. 2] The rent may vary depending on the room. 3] Extra charges will be levied in the event of damage to the room or household goods. 4】The estimated cost for each person is 38,500 yen. This includes food (from 25,000 yen/month), smart phone (from 5,000 yen/month) and utilities (electricity from 3,000 yen, gas from 3,000 yen, water from 2,500 yen/month). The fees may be refunded to students who decline enrollment or for other reasons deemed by the Principal to be exceptional.


Scholarship for designated schools

Requirement Students who pass the special examination for designated schools
Scholarship amount ~122,000 yen
Remarks Designated schools are determined by the school.

Scholarship for Special Students

Requirement Students who pass the special scholarship examination
Scholarship amount 150,000 - 600,000 yen / 1 year

Excellence student Awards

Requirement Excellent performance
Scholarship amount ~20,000 yen

About dormitory

The school's affiliated apartments are located a 20-minute bicycle ride from the school. The school offers a safe and convenient living environment at an affordable rent.

Single room

Room from 34,320 yen/month

Reference image Reference image

Double room

Room from 17,160 yen/month (per person)

Reference image Reference image