Tokyo JE language school

Tokyo JE language school

Every year, a large number of international students are enrolled at Tokyo Nichiei Gakuin. We focus on helping students to learn Japanese language, culture and customs, and to acquire the skills to enter Japanese graduate schools, universities, vocational schools and to work in Japanese companies.

We are committed to helping international students achieve their dreams in Japan.

The school is located in the heart of Tokyo, with very good transport links, shopping centres, leisure and cultural facilities, and a good living environment and conditions for study.

General information

Name Tokyo JE language school
Location 2F Kiba Park Building, 5-11-13 Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Admission period April, July, October and January

List of universities/technical school

Graduate Schools

Tsukuba University, Hokkaido University, Chiba University, Niigata University, Waseda University, Tokyo University of Science, Dokkyo University, Osaka City University, Takachiho University, Mejiro University, etc.


Keio University, Meiji University, Chuo University, Nihon University, Ferris University, Tokyo City University, Chiba University, Kochi University, Senshu University, Komazawa University, Toyo University, Kokugakuin University, Musashino University, Daito Bunka University, Takushoku University, Tokyo Keizai University, Aomori University, Tokyo Fuji University, Tokyo International University, Shizuoka Sangyo University, Meikai University, Shumei University Keiai University, Keiai University, Shiseikan University, etc.

Vocational schools

Nihon Denshi Senmon Gakko (Japan Electronics College), Ohara Bookkeeping School, Chuo College of Engineering, Tokyo IT Accounting College, Waseda International Business College, Tokyo Disney College, Tokyo International Business College, Hana Culinary and Confectionary College, Sundai College of Law, Economics and Business, Yomiuri College of Automobile, Digital Arts Tokyo, JTB Travel & Hotel College, etc. JTB Travel & Hotel College, etc.


School features

Strong in higher education and various in achievements!

We have produced many students who are active in Japan, going on to various famous universities, art colleges and vocational schools.
With our extensive experience and support, we can help you achieve your goals by correcting your essays, preparing documents and practicing interviews.



Job Placement Support

We offer a business etiquette course for prospective employers. The course covers Business Japanese.
In addition to Business Japanese, we teach basic rules and etiquette for working in a Japanese company.
We also offer individual support to help you prepare for the job-hunting examinations by correcting your CV and entry sheet and practising for interviews.
We also offer individual support CV correction and entry sheet correction and interview practice.



A full range of courses!

We have a wide variety of courses to suit different purposes and needs. There are long-term courses for
We offer a wide range of courses to suit your needs, including long-term courses for
There are also classes to prepare for the JLPT and conversation classes.
We also offer customised classes, such as JLPT preparation and conversation classes.



A variety of cultural experiences

In the spring and autumn, we organize events to experience Japanese traditions and culture, such as Sumida River boat cruise, Sumo, Kabuki, visiting Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, barbecue and sports day, etc. We value the communication between students and teachers.

We also actively organise events to experience Japanese culture, such as tea ceremony and kimono experience, for the students to enjoy and learn.

April Admission orientation


Kabuki Theater (National Theater)


Tanabata decoration


Sports competition (Fukagawa Sports Center)


Disney Resort


Bowling tournament (Round One Minamisuna)


Asakusa (Sensoji Temple)


Sumo class (Ryogoku Kokugikan)


Disaster prevention experience


Kimono experience


Fuji-Q Highland


March graduation ceremony


Tuition fee

First year (for all courses)

Application fee 25,000 yen
Entrance fee 55,000 yen
Tuition fee 630,000 yen
Facilities and materials 76,000 yen
Insurance fee 12,000 yen
Total 798,000 yen

Next year

April semester July semester October semester January semester
Tuition fee 630,000 yen 472,500 yen 315,000 yen 157,500 yen
Facilities and materials 76,000 yen 57,000 yen 38,000 yen 19,000 yen
Insurance fee 12,000 yen 9,500 yen 7,000 yen 4,500 yen
Total 718,000 yen 539,000 yen 360,000 yen 181,000 yen


Scholarship for passing the JLPT


Scholarships for passing the JLPT

Before enrollment:
Up to 30,000 yen for students who have passed the JLPT, subject to level requirements
(Eligibility: Students enrolling after April 2022)

During enrollment:
Up to 20,000 yen for students who pass the JLPT
(Eligibility: Students enrolling after April 2022)

Other scholarships available, up to 30,000 yen, including a prize for perfect attendance.
(Eligibility: Students enrolling after April 2022)

About dormitory

"School Dormitory" is located right next to the school.
It is easy to get to and from school and wi-fi equiped
We also have a number of flats available for rent at relatively low price.

Reference image Reference image

TCRE Kasai

"Affiliated Dormitory" *25 minutes to school by train and by walk
Apartment / Reinforced concrete / 4 floors
Lounge space, kitchen, common room, washroom, shower, toilet
Wi-Fi, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, bed, table, chair, storage.

Room typeDouble roomSingle room
Entrance fee30,000 yen30,000 yen
Home contents insurance7,700 yen7,700 yen
Rent (3 months)105,000 yen144,000 yen
Cleaning fee20,000 yen20,000 yen
Bedding fee10,000 yen10,000 yen
Total172,000 yen211,700 yen

About part-time job

It is recommended to concentrate on studying because the purpose of studying abroad is to study Japanese, but if you really need to work part-time, there are many places to work.

From the school, it is easy to get to the center of Tokyo (Tozai line), the distribution center of a shipping company is also near the school, and there are some part-time jobs which you do not need to speak Japanese easily, such as simple tasks like sorting luggage.

Please be assured that the staff will consult with you.