"Hello everyone.

In today's society, which is changing rapidly day by day, it takes a lot of courage to go out to a foreign country and not just stay within your own country. At Waseda Bunkaikan, we have prepared a curriculum that will support your determination.

We make every effort to meet the increasingly diverse needs of our students. We want to make sure that your long stay in Japan will not only be filled with Japanese language study, but also with Japanese culture and interaction with Japanese people. Waseda Bunka-kan is located near Asakusa, a traditional Japanese town, and Akihabara, a cutting-edge area of Japan.

In terms of learning, we have experienced teachers who offer fun classes. The school is located in the heart of Asakusa and Akihabara.

Principal Megumi Imai".

General information

Location 〒111-0052
2-18-9,Yanagibashi,Taito-ku Tokyo
Admission period April, July, October, January

List of universities/technical school

Graduate Schools

Waseda University, Keio University, Sophia University, Meiji University, Chuo University, Hosei University, Seijo University, Gakushuin University,.
Nihon University, Tama Art University, Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo Zokei University, Musashino University, Bunkyo University, Tama University, Josai University, Josai International University, Kyorin University, Daito Bunka University, Bunka Gakuen University, Sacred Heart University, Musashino Academia Musicae, Mejiro University, Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Social Welfare, Reitaku University, Kansai University, Kyoto Saga University of Arts, University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University, Nagoya University, Tsukuba University, Saitama University, Yokohama National University, Kobe University Hokkaido University, Nagoya University, Tsukuba University, Saitama University, Yokohama National University, Kobe University, Tokyo University of the Arts, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Kanazawa University, Takasaki University of Economics, Wakayama University.


Waseda University, Sophia University, Meiji University, Meiji Gakuin University, Chuo University, Hosei University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Gakushuin University, Nihon University, Toyo University, Tokai University, Tama Art University, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Tokyo City University, Tokyo International University, Kokushikan University, J. F. Oberlin University, Takushoku University, Asia University, Bunkyo Gakuin University, Takachiho University, Shobi Gakuen University, Digital Hollywood University, Chuo Gakuin University, Kanagawa University, Josai International University, Josai Junior College, Keiai University, Chiba University of Commerce, Kaetsu University, Bunka Gakuen University, Tokyo University of Social Welfare, Reitaku University, Meikai University, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Yomiuri College of Automotive Engineering, Ritsumeikan University, Kwansei University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Osaka Sangyo University, Yamaguchi Fukushi Bunka University, Yamagata University, Kochi University, Kanazawa University

Vocational Schools

Tokyo Visual Arts, Tokyo Designer Gakuin, HAL Tokyo, Tokyo Communication Arts College, Tokyo Anime and Voice Actor College, Tokyo Multimedia College, Toho Gakuen Film School, Muse Mode Music Academy, Tokyo Mode Gakuen, Esmod Japon Tokyo, Yoneyama Fashion Business College Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Tokyo College of Foreign Languages, Gregg College of Foreign Languages, TES Tokyo College of English, CAD Drawing College, Chiba Nikken Technical College, Nihon Kogakuin College, Japan Electronics College, Tokyo College of Commerce and Law, Nakano School of Business, Oji Accounting College International Accounting College, Tokyo School of Business, Tokyo College of Tourism, Tokyo College of Business and Foreign Languages, Oda Culinary Institute, Tokyo Confectionery School, International Confectionery College, Tokyo College of Welfare and Childcare, College of Civil Service, Childcare, Nursing and Business, Japan Medical Business College, Japan College of Health and Medical Care Matsuyama Welfare College


School features

A learning environment surrounded by anime, the modern office district of Akihabara and the traditional Asakusa

It is a 10-minute walk from Akihabara, the town of animation, and a 5-minute walk from Asakusabashi Station on the JR Sobu Line and Toei Subway Asakusa Line.
We are located in an area where modern office districts and traditional culture mix.



Spacious school buildings and facilities

Our school building is one of the most spacious in Japan with 1000 square meters.

With a cafeteria (dining room) and computer room, students can study Japanese in a spacious learning environment.
Waseda Bunkaikan has changed the conventional image that Japanese language schools are small.







Computer room


Building B


Building C


Tuition fee

Higher education courses 
General coursesThis course is designed for students with different goals, such as those who want to learn more about Japanese culture and those who want to work for a Japanese company.
Elective coursesThere are various elective classes such as Japanese cultural experience, Japanese conversation, etc. Students with intermediate level or above can take any of the following courses: Preparatory, General and Short Term.

CourseTuition (yen)
1 yearSelection fee70000700000790000
1 year 3 months875000965000
1 year 6 months10500001140000
1 year 9 months12250001315000
2 years14000001490000

Notices about tuition fees

* The above prices include VAT.
* Payment can be made every six months.
* An assessment of the student's Japanese language proficiency will be reported to the Immigration Office upon graduation; students will be required to take an external examination prior to graduation in order to achieve a CEFR A2 equivalent level or higher. (Actual costs)
* Facilities, extra-curricular activities and elective tuition fees are included in the tuition fee.
* International student insurance (10,000 yen per year) and textbook fees (20,000 yen per year) must be paid separately.
* Please refer to the school regulations and the application guidelines for the refund policy of tuition fees.


Tuition fee scholarships (several per semester)

Scholarship: Tuition fee
Requirements: enrolled for at least one year (100% attendance, good grades/attitude)

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Study Grant

Incentive: 30,000 yen per year (until graduation)
Conditions: more than one year remaining in the school, goal to go on to higher education, good attendance/grades/attitude to class

Headmaster's Award: (several each term)

・Amount: 20,000 yen
・Conditions: Enrollment for more than 3 months (grades/attendance/attitude to class: good)

These students are those who are active in school activities, have excellent grades in EJU and JLPT, have excellent grades in the work competition held in summer holiday, and have excellent class attitude and event attitude.

About dormitory

School offers boys' and girls' dormitories and secure partner dormitories

In addition to the school's own boys' and girls' dormitories, we have a number of secure partner dormitories.
The partner dormitories are located within a 10 to 20 minute walk or a 5 to 15 minute cycle ride from the school.
The partner dorms are open to anyone who wishes to register.

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